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Fax to Email

Did you know that we offer a Fax to Email service?

What is fax to email and how does this work?

This feature allows you to receive faxes to your email inbox meaning you do not require a fax machine or phone line to receive faxes!

This is also great for the environment, saving paper, ink and costs of running a fax machine!

Benefits of Fax to Email

  • You do not need a fax machine to receive faxes any more, saving costs
  • The email address that you have faxes sent to can be changed free of charge
  • You can forward faxes received by email to other email addresses
  • Fax to email cuts down on paper usage which is good for the environment
  • Telnet offer this service for as little as £5 per month!

    Contact our team today for further details on what we can provide for your Business!