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Providing cheaper calls is not our only service. We can provide you with a whole range of additional facilities to enhance the way you generate and maintain existing business & help.

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Seamlessly procrastinate proactive outsourcing whereas wireless products. Progressively leverage existing 24/365 experiences through timely initiatives. Quickly facilitate friction less ROI rather than equity invested solutions.

Direct Connect

It is now possible, provided your monthly call spends warrant it to provide your organisation with a direct connection to our telecom switch. Effectively we supply an ISDN 30 line direct to your premises and this can be used for both voice and data.

    This has several advantages;
  • Drastically reduce your call charges
  • Deal with a single telecom provider only – no more BT
  • Reduce your ISDN line rental
  • Increase your line quality
  • Free un-metered internet access

0800/0845/0870 Numbers

0800 Numbers - When you join the Telnet Network you will be provided with a complimentary free 0800 number “pointed” to the telephone line of your choice. There are no initial or reoccurring charges – you simply pay for the 0800 calls as you would with calls from your normal phone lines. Use it for attracting new business or easily monitor results from sales & telemarketing activities. We will provide you with an extensive geographical analysis allowing you to accurately monitor your marketing campaigns.
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Capturing Incoming Calls

To effectively manage your incoming calls, you may need to know additional details on call profiles and statistics. This information and much more can be provided by Telnet’s call reporting package.

  • How many calls received
  • Where those calls were answered
  • Where each call originated
  • When the call was received
  • How many callers received the engaged tone
  • How many callers gave up before their call was answered
  • The telephone number of any missed calls

This type of information is vital in monitoring the effectiveness of media and advertising campaigns, helping you to target your business more precisely and avoid wasting efforts in non-responsive areas.

Business Billing

It’s all very well getting cheaper calls if you are billed inaccurately, irregularly or not at all! Telnet International Ltd not only produce and rate all telephone calls internally – so there is no reliability on 3rd party billing Companies but we are also well known within the industry for supplying some of the UK’s most powerful billing products. If you see a likeness between our bills and those of our competitors it is likely that they have used or are using our billing services.
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