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Non Geographic Numbers

0800 Numbers
When you join the Telnet Network you will be provided with a complimentary free 0800 number “pointed” to the telephone line of your choice. There are no initial or reoccurring charges – you simply pay for the 0800 calls as you would with calls from your normal phone lines. Use it for attracting new business or easily monitor results from sales & telemarketing activities. We will provide you with an extensive geographical analysis allowing you to accurately monitor your marketing campaigns.
When you use your 0800 number(s) in marketing campaigns – remember the following: -

  • Free calls increase response – 75% of people are more likely to respond to an advertisement featuring an 0800 number.
  • Telephone enquiries are converted to sales twice as often as written enquiries.
  • Offers you intelligent routing options, direct the call to the nearest geographic office.
  • Allows for accurate call analysis.
Additionally, we have found that the use of a 0800 number when a home-worker is calling from a mobile or a hotel is often the cheaper call.

They feature the same benefits of the 0800 ranges without the slightly higher cost prices from 1ppm– use the 0800 service to acquire new business!

They feature the same benefits of the 0800 ranges without the slightly higher cost – use the 0800 service to acquire new business and the 0845 service to keep it!

Prices from 7ppm, If you have and 0870 number with Telnet, what do you need to do?
There are several options:

  • 1. Do Nothing! - You will continue to receive calls on your 087 numbers but you will have to pay the‘Received call fee’ of 2.4ppm.
  • 2. Terminate your 087 numbers - If you no longer advertise your 087 number this can be terminated by notice in writing to Telnet. There are no cancellation fees and termination will take please within 48 hours.
  • 3. Use an alternative number - 084 numbers are proving a popular alternative for customers looking to switch their 087 numbers. A full range of numbers are available for reservation and activation – call our sales team now on 0800 652 1800.
  • 4. - For a short period – whilst you educate your customers and suppliers to use an alternative number we can provide a voice announcement indicating that your 087 number has changed. There is a set-up fee of £25 per number plus £10.00 per month, minimum 3 month.

0800, 0843 & 0870 in more detail - All the above numbers work in much the same way, that is to say number translation. Whilst your present telephone numbers remain unchanged, your new 08?? Number sits on top of it at the exchange so when called the exchange translates the 08?? Number dialed to your true telephone number and passes the call to you. Because of the simplistic way in which the exchanges deal with these numbers this opens up a whole range of Intelligent Routing Options.

Area Routes - Route calls according to the geographical location of the caller.

Day and Time Routes - Route calls according to the date and time the call was placed. Most often used to provide out of hours calling.

Divide Route - This option routes calls between sites according to their capacity to receive incoming calls.

VIP Route - For your more prestigious customers who are particularly valuable to your business, this service will route calls from Companies designated by you to a particular destination. This enables priority call handling and superior customer care.